Me, sitting on a rusty old fire escape in front of an old brick building close to the river Spree. I'm wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. The setting sun is tinting everything in warm colours. The photograph was taken by Susanne Kohl.
Photo: Susanne Kohl


The story so far

"Every gift is an injury, every injury is a gift."

Contrary to my original expectations, my life turned out to become wholly my own.

Confused by an abusive childhood and youth I carried the conviction of somehow being 'wrong' and broken.

The world, as it presented itself to me, made no sense; the so called 'normal' seemed weird and in many cases dysfunctional. And I always felt some underlying contradiction to the outer appearance.

A long journey began during which I tried to understand the real motivations and what was really going on - in me and others.

Working in theatre and for TV and film was interesting on many levels, a bit like a magnifying glass on emotions and motivations, but not always real.

The then newly emerging digital world, particularly 3D-graphics, was emotionally less charged and allowed me to explore many aspects of design and the world without being constantly overwhelmed (at least mostly ;-) ).

In parallel I discovered what a highly sensitive person is, AD(H)D and the fascinating realm of trauma research, through the works of people like Elaine Aron, Peter Levine and Gabor Maté. There I found a lot of answers and a new view of the world.

Until time and soul were ripe to go out again. To create real things; with no undo, backup or AI.
Trusting myself and my intuition and stepping into the arena, as who I've become.

With eyes for the unseen.

'The Duckman', a sculpture made of papier-mâché with a duck bill and big feet, sitting at my window next to a fern plant and looking thoughtfully...;-)